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Former owner of a successful recording studio for 11 years, then he got a life. Nowadays he codes for food and records friends / good musicians only.

  1. Windows 8.1 and the iCade 8-bitty

    I've recently had my eyes opened to the world of arcade game emulation. Thanks to the RetroPie project my spare Raspberry Pi is no longer spare. I'm controlling the games with an old Wii controller and PS3 controller but neither of them exude the retro feel I hanker for. Then…

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  2. The 56 Killers have an Evil Heart

    The 56 Killers have released another track and video from their live recording session in Jim's loft. The video features footage from the band's recent headline show and because of various scantily clad ladies is probably NSFW. However, if you're not at work (or your work don't care), here's the…

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  3. Sugar Coated Love

    56 Killers have released a track from their live E.P (you can read all about the recording session here). It's a proper stomper, check it out below: …

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  4. 56 Killers

    What a way to start the year; Crammed into Jim Jeffries’ loft recording a live demo for his new band, 56 Killers. This was a first run out for my recently acquired recording kit. It’s nothing too fancy as I’m not doing this for a living any more…

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  5. My New Love

    Over the years I’ve used various different DAW software. Back when I built my first audio PC, I started with Cool Edit Pro (Now known as Adobe Audition). When I made the jump into the industry as a professional I worked my way through versions of Cubase and Nuendo…

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  6. Post Match Summary

    Recording with Matt and his Marvellous Mechanical Band went extremely well. We managed to wrestle seven tracks into being in a small space of time, stopping only once for an egg, bacon and sausage sandwich. The mixes have been completed and delivered. As soon as Matt makes any of them…